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Large collection of 22 engravings depicting scenes from the French Revolutionary Wars from 1792 until 1802. After drawings by Carle Vernet (1758-1836) various engravers, Published Paris 1799-1807.

“Entrée des Français à Venise, en Floréal, an 5” terminé par Delaunay le jeune
The entry of the French into the republic of Venice in March/April 1797. The French looted the City of Venice The four bronze horses above St. Mark’s Basilica and the old lion over the pillar in the piazzetta in front of the Doge’s palace were sent to Paris, to embellish the squares of the French capital. Some works of art formed the basis for the Louvre’s art collection, and were never returned to Italy.

HEIGHT: 39. 5 cm
WIDTH: 51.5 cm