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When you buy from us we try and make the process as simple as possible.

We will invoice you in GB Pounds. Payment must be made by the party whose name is on the invoice and may be made by bank transfer or such other method agreed by the Company.

We do NOT accept cash or American Express.

On bank transfers please ensure the invoice number is quoted. All bank charges, and intermediary bank charges to be paid by the remitter.

VAT - is applicable on all transactions unless stated otherwise on the invoice.

There is no VAT charged on antiques that are over 100 years old.

Some items are sold plus VAT at the currant rate 20%. These include all prints, new faience or ceramics and new lighting.

Items exported from the UK are also exempt of VAT on a proof of export from a shipper.


Under the terms of the anti-money laundering regulation effective from 10 January 2020 we are required to conduct customer due diligence (CDD) on the purchasors of all sales of works of art over €10,000 before the transaction is carried out. This information must be provided at the time of forming a business relationship, i.e. before any sale can take place.

Therefore we may agree such a sale in principle, we will not be able to conclude (i.e. receive funds, give up possession or transfer title) until we have received all the necessary CDD information from you and have been able to verify it as required by the regulations.


Information that we need to collect:
1 Full Name
2 Date of Birth
3 Nationality
4 Permanent Residential Address

Verification Documents for te above:
Governement issued photo ID, showing name & address, or name and date of birth. Examples include:
1 Passport
2 Driving license
3 National ID Card


Information that we need to collect:
1 Company name
2 Company number
3 Country of incorporation
4 Registered address
5 Trading address if different to above
6 Director names
7 Ultimate beneficial owner names
(individuals who own 25% or more of the shares/voting rights)

Verification Documents:
1 Certificate of Incorporation or company listing from relevant corporate registry or tax return or audited accounts filed within the last accounting year AND
2. If not verified by the above, evidence of directors (such as copy register of directors) and ultimate beneficial owners (such as copy of shareholders’ register).
3 Government issued photo ID for ultimate beneficial owners.


We do not have a facility to buy 'online' from our website.

We have large photographs on the site and can always provide high resolution images and close up photographs so that you can be sure of what you are buying, also if you have any questions please always ask, either by email, if you give your number we can always call you back, or please call us directly.

We can also arrange to FaceTime, this enables us to show you the piece that you are interested in, and answer questions any about it. We can also give you a guided trip around the shop. Please let us know if this is of interest.

We can provide several shipping quotes for overseas clients or please contact shippers directly for quotes.
See below for a list of shippers whom we work with.

We can also provide delivery quotes for London and UK clients.

It is important to realise that colours on monitors do not always look the same.

We make a point in having photographs that accurately convey both the colour and condition of what we have on the website and that give a true impression of the item shown.

There is no substitute to visiting the shop and seeing a piece at first hand.




We are delighted to get you quotes for shipping, however if you accept a quote we will ask the shipper to contact you directly to make the final arrangements and for payment..

It is important to have insurance cover for both what you have bought and the cost of the shipping, you can have a door to door delivery where you will have to unpack and get rid of the packing materials yourself or you can have a full unpack and remove packing materials which, though more expensive, can cut out out a lot of problems, particularly if it is a piece of furniture or something large.

Below are a list of shippers who collect from us regularly and with whom we have a good relationship. You can always email them a link to the item on our site with your contact details and a delivery address to get a quote or you can ask us and we will do it for you and email you quotes.


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